Updating my profile pic & snow: Lessons from the Summit #1

My profile picture is a a few years out of date, but I have resisted changing it because I just don’t like any of the photos I have had recently. However,  I just updated both my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles as a result of an experience last week.  I was at the Global Privacy Summit in Washington DC last week. I was rushing to find where the E&Y folks were gathering the people they invited to their dinner on Wednesday night; Christine Ravago sent one of her folks looking for ‘a silver-haired Canadian”.  He found me.

I realized that the photos are accurate, and it’s reality I’m objecting to.

Kudos to Christine and E&Y, as they managed to pull together dinner after their planned location at the National Zoo was canceled due to the anticipated snow. This of course did not happen, Washington was without a flake of snow on the ground, but it certainly made life difficult for anyone who’d planned a dinner at the Summit. I had liked the term ‘Snowquestration’ (certainly different than the usual “Snowpocalypse” or “Snowmageddon”, but it was certainly disappointing that so many people had their flights canceled for what was essentially a ‘No Shnow’.  (Snow-job? I can’t come with anything as clever as the “Snowquestration”).


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