My Media

Nymity Interview: Implications of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on Canadian Organizations

Interview in On-Site Magazine: The Risks of BYOD

Nymity Interview: Use of Government Identifiers

Nymity Interview: The Right to be Forgotten

CMA Magazine, “Recruiting with Social Media” (quotes, p. 41)

Nymity Interview: Personal Information is an asset – why not treat it like an asset?

Access Privacy: Crack-a-Privacy Joke Contest

I was quoted in a book!
Practical Risk Management for the CIO, by Mark Scherling

PrivacyCampTO – Is notice dead?

Mediacaster: Privacy professionals cite serious concerns over social media

KnowledgeCongress live webcast: Building an Effective Compliance Program

Barrett Rose & Lee blog: Managing Privacy with Third Parties

Public Safety Canada conference – CyberSecurity: Developing a Canadian Strategy (luncheon speaker)

Kapica’s Cyberia Blog: Kiss your Privacy Goodbye

I was quoted in the Alberta Privacy Commissioner’s report!: “Public Sector Outsourcing and the Risks to Privacy” (page 13)

Hummingbird Seminar: Managing Privacy Risks through Contract Management

I’m in good company
Also from the same conference: Building privacy into the products

Maybe my earliest quotes in the media, at least in relation to privacy:
Computing Canada: Are companies prepared to pay the PIPEDA piper?


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